AGC Accredited Gemological Laboratory

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AGC: Accredited Gemological Laboratory

Our Gem Lab was accredited by the American Gem Society in 1996. Accredited Gem Labs are rare because of the extremely stringent staffing requirements to qualify.

A Certified Gemologist must be on staff at all times, and state-of-the-art gemological testing equipment is required for the lab to be accredited. Even today, there are fewer than 300 Accredited Gem Labs in all of North America.

Apland’s Accredited Gem Lab guarantees real protection for our customers against gemstones that might be artificially treated, dyed or otherwise adulterated, an increasingly common occurrence. And even though we have sourced precious gems from all over the world, we have this inflexible rule.

No matter where in the world we travel to buy precious gems, the gems come back to Hood River and undergo our accredited gem lab verification process before they are offered to our customers in the store.

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