Not Just A Jewelry Store

Apland Jewelers

1. When you need a real jeweler, not a store that sells jewelry.

Aplands is a real jeweler, meaning we actually design and make the majority of what we sell. This gives us an intimate understanding of what an item might need, from rebuilding an heirloom to creating a unique design from scratch. Ken has over 30 years of jewelry manufacturing experience, and Jen and Kevin add another 15 years combined experience to our resources.

2. When you need a real gem expert, not just someone who talks the talk.

Ken Apland is one of the most highly credentialed gemologists anywhere.

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3. When you want and to work with someone who can identify and grade what they are trying to sell you.

It’s a fact: very few stores have a gemological laboratory to identify, grade, validate, or identify what they are selling. Fewer than 300 jewelry stores in the all of North America have an American Gem Society Gem Lab on the premises.

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Certified Gemologist ~ Appraisers AGS ~ Member: Independent Jewelers Organization