Antwerp Diamond Programs

Your special diamond from the earth, to the cutter, to you. No previous owner, no stops along the way.

Once a year, Ken Apland travels to Antwerp to buy directly from Debeers. In addition to purchasing diamonds for your design, we also serve as a diamond broker for some of our customers.

Because we deal directly with the diamond cutters and Debeers Sightholders, we avoid paying a mark-up by U.S. importers and distributors. Therefore, we can offer you the diamond of a lifetime at a substantial savings.

It's not only the savings that make this experience unique, it's the fact that your personal jeweler is traveling 10,000 miles to hand-select your diamond from amongst the largest selection of diamonds in the world. You choose the size, shape, color and clarity of diamond--no need to just accept what is available on the local market.

There is nothing quite like owning-or giving-a beautiful, quality diamond--a one-of-a-kind masterpiece of nature, perfected by the skilled hands of the expert diamond cutters from the world's most renowned diamond center--which was hand selected for you by your personal diamond broker in Antwerp, Belgium. A gift that will last a lifetime--or twenty lifetimes.

If you are ready for the diamond of a lifetime, contact us for more information. We would love to find a special diamond for you or someone you love, and then deliver it personally along with a box of handcrafted Belgian chocolates.

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