What is an appraisal?

A jewelry appraisal is the legal contract required to enact an insurance policy for your piece. The final document will include an overall value for replacement of the piece in its entirety. 

A detailed appraisal document describing your jewelry and its value assure you of what to expect from your provider in case of loss.

Ken's approach

Ken Apland utilizes three traditional approaches to value-market: 

research of sales of comparable jewelry, the cost of making a reproduction or a replica of the 

jewelry, and in rare cases, an estimate of the 

income producing potential of the jewelry.

Information we need for your appraisal:

In order for us to complete a thorough 

document for you, it is important

for us to have access to the following 

information, if you have it:

• Grading or laboratory reports

• Previous appraisal reports

• Sales receipts

• Repair receipts

What to expect from your appraisal

• A detailed description of each item

• An enlarged digitaled photograph of each item printed on the document

• Metal content determination

• Gemstone identification, grading, measurement and weight    calculation/estimation

• Verification of gemological laboratory reports whenever possible

• A fully researched value at the appropriate market level

• Identification of designer or manufacturer, whenever possible

• A complete professional cleaning and inspection of your mounting

• An explanation of value, along with the intent of the appraisal document

• A full review of the condition of your property.


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